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If you are renting a property, then you probably will have been asked to pay a tenancy deposit. All tenancy deposits received by landlords and letting agents in respect of relevant tenancies (as defined in The Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004) must be protected in a Scottish Government approved tenancy deposit protection scheme such as ours.

Tenants’ rental checklist - helping you find the perfect home

Remembering everything you need to ask the landlord or letting agent when house-hunting can be difficult, so we’ve created a checklist that you can take with you. The checklist includes the minimum things you should be asking the landlord or letting agent before agreeing on a property, and it’s always advisable to see a few before making a decision.

Remember as well that previous tenants and prospective neighbours can give you more insight into the property, location and landlord or letting agent so it’s worth chatting to them if you can.

Relevant tenancies

The Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations 2011 sets out the rules in relation to when a deposit needs to be protected. We have summarised these below;

Deposits need to be protected if the landlord is not one of the types listed below;
  • A local authority
  • A registered social landlord
  • Scottish Homes

In addition, if the house is occupied by a person who is a member of the family of the landlord, the deposit does not need to be protected. Any other type of landlord must have the tenants deposit protected

House Type

Deposits do not need to be protected if a house is of the following type (as described in section 83(6) (application for registration) of the 2004 Act);
  • a care home service
  • a school care accommodation service
  • an independent health care service
  • a secure accommodation service
  • the house is being used by a religious order the principal occupation of which is prayer, contemplation, education or the relief of suffering
  • a control order is in force in respect of the house; or
  • the house is being used for holiday purposes

All other types of property must have the tenants deposit protected.

The following documents contain information which will help you to manage your tenancy, update your details and follow the deposit repayment process:
  • step-by-step guide to deposit protection and repayment
  • Tenant’s checklist to help you when you first rent your property

If you'd like more information, we also have a comprehensive set of FAQs which you can browse.

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